The story of you

You started your career with some uncertainty.

But you got by, you did okay.

You made a few false starts. You learned some things.

It wasn’t always great, but it worked out, for the most part.

But lately, it’s not going okay.


Going to work feels like some kind of masochistic ritual, a slow defeat of your energy and dreams.

You have hit a wall and don’t know how to move forward.

compassYou feel stuck and about to burn out.

This is how you find your way.


1 You fill in a modern psychological questionnaire.

The Octogram® test, based on the Competing Values Framework, takes less that 30 minutes to complete.

2  You get a report supported by over a decade of hands-on empirical research and correlated with four other psychological models.

The report is 15 to 24 pages of actionable, customized advice.

3 You read the report and finally understand how you work and what you need to change about your career:

To make your strengths work for you and see where you might be sabotaging yourself.

This introduction shows you what the report contains and gives a brief description of each section

Feeling skeptical? Read what the Career Guide says about me

My Scores

Strengths and Weaknesses

Development Advice

Communication Styles

Dealing with Change

Functioning as a team member

Suggested jobs

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