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Oakmailer Version 1.2

Screen shots of Oakmailer 1.2    Download Oakmailer now (oakmailer.tar.gz).


This program makes use of Perl Modules downloadable from the CPAN archive. CPAN is one of the beautiful things that make Perl such a joy to use. You, or your system administrator, need to have the ability to install modules from the archive.

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Installation instructions are written in the included README file.

Download Oakmailer now (oakmailer.tar.gz).


This is the log in screen. log in screen
This is the main screen.  It lists messages in reverse chronological order
Main screen
This is the message reader.  Attachments are split out into separate files and a link is created at the bottom of the message to that attachment. Read Message screen
This is the compose a message window.  You have the option of attaching up to one file to your outgoing message. Compose Window
Changes for version 1.2 released August 09, 2004

Changes for version 1.1 release August 29, 2003.

Oakmailer v1 April 2002
Oakmailer is a total rewrite of my previous ThinMailer program. The only thing similar between the two is the interface, under the hood, almost everything was taken apart and re-thought. Here is an incomplete list of changes between these two programs

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